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Stephanie Girard Headshots Best
Stephanie Girard Headshots Best

Headshot Giveback

 In an effort to support Writers, Actors and all members of the entertainment community striking for an agreement that provides fair compensation, revenue sharing on top of residuals, guardrails around AI technology and more, I will be donating $50 from every regular Headshot session to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation / Entertainment Community Fund. We will be doing this until the strike is over and a fair agreement is reached. 


*In addition to our donation we are also offering another $50 contribution for our clients to take off of their regular Headshot session or to add to the donation. 


Anyone interested in making direct contribution to WGA and SAG-AFTRA can do it as well 

Entertainment Community Fund


SAG-AFTRA Foundation


More information about contract negotiation


This strike is affecting others direct and indirect industry related  workers — including Agents, Mangers, Casting Directors, crew members, costume designers, set decorators, gaffers, stagehands, front of house workers, wardrobe attendants, hair and makeup artists, motion picture and television production technicians, broadcast technicians, scenic artists, designers, animators, audiovisual technicians, and more.  International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)  ,



*Offer valid for full price Headshot Photoshoot, can not be combined with any other offer

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