A Binge Session is a condensed version of our Headshot Photoshoot and is priced by time in front of the camera, with no limit to wardrobe changes.


This session is recommend for Actors that are already comfortable in front of the camera and know what they want.  This is a perfect option for Actors who may need to get specific looks to their already awesome portfolio of headshots or just update their current main headshot



About Our Binge Sessions:


 - The clock will start after we have taken a test shot, and made any adjustments that are needed


  • The timer runs continuously no stops, pauses, or breaks for changes


  • We will go over wardrobe before clock starts to solidify which looks we will be shooting and in what order 


  • If using one of the studio makeup artist the initial makeup application time is separate and does NOT count as part of the photoshoot


  • Retouches are not included in this package and are $25 per image


  • Binge sessions are for headshots ONLY (no PR or full length)


  • Half Hour Binge: typically shoots 2-4 looks, small hair/makeup changes are ok (lip color, ponytail, etc.)


  • One Hour Binge typically shoots 4-6 looks, , small hair/makeup changes are ok (lip color, ponytail, etc.), shaving is possible for Men but we do no stop the clock to do so.