H E A D S H O T   P A C K A G E S 


Headshot photoshoot in my full service air conditioned photography studio in Burbank CA 

Clothing rack, steamer, makeup station, 

changing room and restroom

Beverage station 

Wardrobe Consultation when you arrive for the shoot 


A Downloadable online gallery of your stunning headshots 

Resized in High Resolution: optimized for web use & printing 

2 complimentary retouches of your choice

resized for web use printing 

(For One Look Packages  only 1 retouch included)



One Look $350

Two Looks $550

Three Looks $650

Four Looks $750



+ $150


+ $175

+ $200

+ $225


+ $100


+ $125

+ $150

+ $175


additional looks please inquire



In addition to our regular Headshot Packages we offer "Binge Sessions" 

A Binge Session is a condensed version of our Headshot Photoshoot and is

priced by time in front of the camera, with no limit to wardrobe changes.


This session is recommend for Actors that are already comfortable in front of the camera and know what they want.  This is a perfect option for Actors who may need to get specific looks to their already awesome portfolio of headshots.

 (Clock will start once we are ready to shoot; 

time runs continuously no stop, no pause, no breaks for changes  .

If using one of the studio makeup artist

the initial makeup  application time is separate it does not count as part of the photoshoot.) 

*No retouches included. 



Half Hour $399

One Hour $599



+ $175


+ $200


+ $125


+ $150


Retouches $25 each image for headshots basic beauty

For other kind of photoshoots, i.e. PR, Portrait, Life Style, Editorial, Commercial,
On Location, etc.
Please inquire for a quote based on your budget, needs and usage .  

All above prices are for in studio headshots only. 
Package and Session 
photoshoots are prices per person,
no sharing, no splitting.
Group rates available upon request.
Prices subject to change.  


About Our BINGE HEADSHOT SESSIONS :  Binge sessions are set by time and you can change wardrobe as often as you like within that time. 

Once we are ready to start shooting we will take a test shot and then the  timer will start and run all the way till the end; no stops. 


- On a Half Hour Binge Session we can get 2 wardrobe changes, most of my clients can get 3 and few others up to 4.

- For The One Hour Binge Session 4 wardrobe changes are common  but I’ve had clients that got 5 up to 6. 


Just depends if you want to focus on getting fewer solid "looks" or power through several outfits. 

Wearing layers and accessories help with quick changes. 

The only thing to be aware about the Half Hour Binge is that there is not much room for makeup or hair changes (small quick ones: lip color, pony tail, etc) and probably no time to shave for guys. 

The One Hour Binge gives you more time for changes but it takes time away from shooting.


Once you arrive at the studio for your photoshoot we’ll take some time to talk, get to know each other, so I can get more information about you, your career, roles you go out for, and decide together on wardrobe and the order of outfits, please bring extra clothing for options . 


Binge Headshot Sessions are for headshots only. 

ALL Headshots images/packages/session are released under personal promotion use only, non-exclusive rights. Non-Commercial. 
All images are property, rights and royalties of Stephanie Girard