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Wardrobe is a big part of a successful shoot, however do not let it get you overwhelmed.

Have fun gathering options, think outside the box and bring more than one option for each of your "looks" so that we can talk through and see what works best!  *If you have representation please talk to them about types you are going for and what their needs for the photos are as well

It is best to bring some basic items in addition to things that reflect your personal style as well

We will go over all of you clothing options together when you arrive for you shoot.

Every Actor is different and every Actors casting is different so there is no cookie cutter list of things to bring but these are a few things that can be mixed and matched up to achieve different looks or vibes.  See examples of different looks Actors have done for some inspiration below...



Tank tops (any variety of straps)

T shirts (different cuts & colors) 

Dressy tops (I love lace and interesting textures) 

Layers to put over (blazers, leather jackets, denim jackets, hoodies, cardigans) 

Dresses that have a great top portion work too!


plaid shirts or flannels 

A pair of Jeans or pants that you don’t mind being photographed in just in case they show

Think outside the box! Feel free to bring some fun things that you love even if you think they would would be suprised!

PLEASE BRING THE APPROPRIATE UNDERGARMENTS FOR YOUR CLOTHING (i.e., nude bra, strapless bra, pasties, etc…)



T shirts (v neck , crew cut, grey , black, and a variety of colors )

Jacket Layers (leather jackets, denim jackets, cargo jackets, hoodies etc)

Dress shirt / button down (bring ties , suit jackets,  or anything else that you might want to take on or off to change the vibe)

Henleys or flannels

A pair of Jeans or pants that you don’t mind being photographed in just in case they show

& sweaters


If you plan on shaving, please let us know in advance and bring your own shaving tolls (razor or electric) we have a restroom you are welcome to use to shave .

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WEB 0290 Anderson Chase SGP.jpg
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Headshot by Stephanie Girard 0588 Ellings Justin 1 Instagram.jpg
WEB 0675 Anderson Chase SGP.jpg
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0152 Mason Alicia.jpg
0695 Abate Sheree.jpg
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0195 Spann Sean.jpg
Headshot by Stephanie Girard 0396 Ellings Justin Instagram.jpg
WEB 0903 Nowicki Corinne SGP.jpg
WEB 0695 Nowicki Corinne SGP.jpg
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Headshot by Stephanie Girard 0152 Barry Kieran Instagram.jpg
0520 Crandall Kimberly 2.jpg
Headshot by Stephanie Girard 0843 Barry Kieran Instagram.jpg
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0256 Byrne Torey.jpg
Headshot by Stephanie Girard 0845 Barry Kieran Instagram.jpg
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