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The difference between Agents and Managers

Another important role in an Actors life is their Representation. In Hollywood, the roles of agents and managers may overlap in some aspects, but they serve distinct functions in guiding the careers of actors, writers, and other talent. Agents are primarily focused on securing and negotiating employment opportunities for their clients. They actively pitch clients to casting directors, negotiate contracts, and work to advance their careers strategically. On the other hand, managers play a more holistic role, often involved in shaping the overall trajectory of a talent's career. Managers offer career advice, help with long-term planning, and often handle personal aspects of a client's life. While agents are regulated by industry guilds, managers operate more freely, providing a more personalized and comprehensive approach to career development. Together, agents and managers form a crucial support system for navigating the competitive and dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry.

It is important to do your homework. Research and learn about your potential reps before meeting them or signing. Come up with a list of questions you might want to ask them. Like any relationship it has to be a good fit!

I have listed a few links below for more information and insight on the roles that each of these play.

the difference between Agents and Mangers in Hollywood
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