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Updated: Jan 12

We complied a list of questions Actors who are new to Los Angeles have asked throughout the years and answered them with our best knowledge and advice from other industry professionals .

1. "What are the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for actors to live in?"

- Consider neighborhoods like North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Burbank and Studio City, which are known for their actor-friendly communities and proximity to entertainment industry hubs.

2. "How do I find reputable acting classes and workshops in LA?"

-Research renowned acting studios & classes such as The Groundlings (for comedy & improv), Lesly Kahn, Anthony Meindl Margie Huber BGB studio Matthew Barry

3. "What are the essential steps to building a strong network in the LA acting community?"

-Attend industry events, join acting classes and connect with fellow actors, casting directors, and industry professionals through social media and networking mixers.

4. "What are the some of the dos and don'ts of navigating auditions and casting calls in Los Angeles?"

-Be punctual, prepared, and professional. Respect the casting process, follow instructions diligently, and avoid approaching casting directors outside of appropriate settings. If you do not have any experience on a professional set, consider being an extra , or being in a student film. Learning set etiquette and connecting with different people on a set is great practice for when you first big opportunity comes!

5. "How can I effectively market myself as an actor in Hollywood?"

There is no right way and this changes and evolves with the industry over time. Consider building a strong online presence with a professional website and active social media accounts. Showcase your talent, personality, and achievements through compelling content. If you are doing this remember to keep it authentic . Don't feel pressured to do what you see others do. Make it original, authentic and use your best skills to show who you are and what your talents may be.

6. "What are the key differences between self-tape auditions and in-person auditions in LA?"

-Self-tape auditions require attention to lighting, sound quality, and framing. It can be very convienent and gives casting a chance to see what you look like on film. In-person auditions demand adaptability, spontaneity, and personal interaction with casting directors. they get a chance to meet you in person and get a better sense of who you are.

7. "How do I secure a reputable and effective talent agent or manager in Los Angeles?"

-Have a profession to notch headshots! It is the first thing they see. Research and approach reputable agencies, get in an industry showcases, and build a compelling reel to attract the attention of potential agents and managers. Keep putting your work out there and someone will notice.

8. "What are the essentials for having a standout actor's headshot that resonates with casting directors?"

-Choose a headshot photographer experienced in capturing the essence of your casting types. Opt for elevated professional lighting, minimal retouching, and authentic expressions that convey your range. See my other post regarding "How to choose a headshot photographer"

9. "What are the best resources for learning about the entertainment industry in Los Angeles?"

-Explore industry publications, attend industry panels and workshops, (SAG offers some as well as casting directors will hold workshops) and engage in mentorship programs to gain insights into the multifaceted entertainment landscape. Intern for an agent or casting director! Become a reader for auditions

10. "How can I maintain a sustainable career and financial stability as an actor in LA?"

- Diversify your skills, pursue side gigs in related fields, and create a financial plan to sustain yourself between acting opportunities. Many Actors work in restaurant jobs because of its flexibility in scheduling and it is typically a community of other Actors. Get creative! Find remote positions, industry related jobs and other means of income to support your goals.

Actor Headshot by Stephanie Girard
Stephanie Girard Headshot Photography

Actor Headshot by Stephanie Girard
Stephanie Girard Headshot Photography

Actor Headshot by Stephanie Girard
Stephanie Girard Headshot Photography


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